Job fair marketing for a startup job board

Since we’ve launched, we’ve been working on a variety of methods to drive traffic to the site to sign up more job seekers and employers.

Yesterday 2 of us attended a New York University (NYU) Full-Time Job Fair and I have to say — what a captive audience to talk to hiring managers, recruiters, and active job seekers all in one setting. Talking to so many hiring managers, the resounding comment we kept hearing was that hiring online just doesn’t work right now. They were all receptive to and the idea of having technology filter the number and quality of candidates they see. Every single hiring manager appreciated the comparison to “online dating for jobs” — and hopefully a majority of them come to to see their potential matches!

Speaking to fresh, newly graduated job seekers was something else. Literally every student was looking for a job and willing to try anything to get one. We saw a definite increase in traffic right after the event.

The whole experience of “in person”marketing at a event with so many captive decision makes and users was great — in the age of online marketing, paid search, banner advertising, email campaigns, and various other methods that move us further away from the customer and treat them more as a number, it was refreshing and energizing to speak to our actual customers, communicate value, and ultimately hand them a card with the location of our business —


2 Responses to “Job fair marketing for a startup job board”

  1. 1 Dallas Web Builders September 23, 2007 at 8:14 am

    the job fairs can work . but you cant till it comes to your city .so according to me the online marketing is the best option

  2. 2 jobireland December 15, 2007 at 7:41 pm

    It is funny but the job boards are the best media to advertise the ‘Job Fairs’ and ‘Open Evenings’ or whatever different employers call it. For successful recruitment drive you need ‘masses’ from the job board, and then you filter them by the ‘locality’ filter of the Recruitment Fair.


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