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One Job Post, Two Job Post, Six Job Post

Arg. Trying to fill a job opening of software engineer in new york city is so hard. Trying to fill a job opening of software engineer in new york city and wanting a personable and assertive person – fugettaboutit!

I’ve been unsuccessfully looking for a candidate for this job opening for a couple weeks now. So — today I decided to go all-out with what I could, with one constraint – i didn’t want to spend money on a job posting. I’m looking for someone straight out of school, someone hungry and wanting to learn and willing to work alot.

So. I became a job posting machine. NYU. Columbia. NYU Polytechnic University. University of Waterloo. Posted on all their boards. Craigslist – yeah, I went there (not free, but only $25). I even went so far as to post on my Facebook profile!

Later today I thought to myself — wait a minute. I just posted to 6 different locations. With 6 different username/password combinations. With 6 different url’s to visit. Arg! I wish there was one place I could post a job, and that one place would just work. Not having to go to 6 places to post a job would be nice.

So – this is our goal. One place. To post a job. And make it all work.

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