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After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of our website, ! Our ultimate goal is to make finding a job and hiring employes actually work online. We match job seekers to employers based on skills, preferences, and intangibles — no more inefficient keyword searching. So you get quality, compatible matches. All for free! — we are ad-supported. We’ve built a great product that will change the game, and its free and disruptive. Think eharmony + a job board + craigslist.

We believe that is going to change the online recruitment game. Heres why:

Employers get

  1. Quality, compatible relevant matches.
  2. Save time by getting reducing the number of unqualified candidates – pre-screens for you
  3. Private Messaging system to communicate with candidates – to pre-screen them yourself
  4. Public Messaging system to allow potential candidates to post public questions (and you answers) to create viral buzz around your job posting (employers can moderate this!)
  5. a FREE service that actually works! If you’re an employer, post a job today.

Job Seekers Get

  1. Quality, compatible job postings that match their needs and preferences
  2. Save time sifting through 1000s of job postings – no need to keyword search
  3. Private communication with employers to figure out if the job is for you before applying
  4. Public communication with employers so that questions about the job are available to view for all
  5. It’s FREE! Create a profile today — even if you have a job you can find out about new opportunities.

If you’re an employer or are looking for a job or are employed but open to hearing about opportunities, check us out!

Our goal in the next few months — to grow our user base and connect job seekers to employers.

However, we need help.

  1. Partners — we’re looking for strategic partners to build reach to be able to talk to more job seekers and employers
    • are you a job board? a recruitment agency? a recruitment blogger? got connections? If you’d like to join our team and help build a community of job seekers and employers, email us at
  2. Investors — we’re looking for investment to use specifically for driving more job seekers and employers
    • Interested in the idea and want a piece? Email us at — we are looking to use any and all investment to build a userbase and help people find jobs and hire effectively online.

In closing — is going to try its best to fix the online recruitment industry — but we need your help!

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Email us at if you want to partner or invest!

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